TWS Performance Rover V8 Heads 3.5, 3.9, 4.0, 4.2, 4.6

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Get a set of performance heads custom built by TWS Motors. These heads on a 3.5 along with our TWS four barrel setup, TWS Cam Kit and TWS headers can see an additional 50hp. This work well for all displacements, delivery noticeable gains through the powerband. If you're running FI, we always recommend upgrading your ECU to get maximum benefit.


Available in both 10 or 14 bolt application.



• Exhaust Valve size 35.5mm – 1.40”
• Intake Valve 41.4mm – 1.63”
• High flow valve stems (waisted stems)
• Valve heights set the same


• Intake ports hand ported & exhaust ports gasket matched
• Bowls are opened up and hand ported


• Heavy duty valve springs installed to match camshaft profile
• Valve seats opened for larger valves
• Valve guides cut down to accept larger lift cams and valve seals reinstalled
• Push rod holes opened to accept large lift camshafts


Heads can be bought without an exchange set for an additional $350.