TWS Ultra Rover V8 Heads - CNC Ported, Stage 4 Valves

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Get the best flowing Rover V8 based heads on the market! The flow numbers don't lie (see below) and were tested by a 3rd party on the same flow machine. These heads are CNC ported for maximum flow and use the largest valves possible for a Rover V8 based head. Recommended for any race application, forced induction application, or highly modified 4.6 or larger displacement. Can be used on both carb and FI applications, but we recommend upgrading your ECU if running FI.  


Available in 10 or 14 bolt head, 28cc and 36cc respectively. Core charge of $350 for outright sale.



• Exhaust Valve size 36.8mm (1.448”)
• Intake Valve 42.7mm (1.682”)
• High flow flattened valve heads and waisted valve stems for max flow and reduced weight
• These valves weigh the same as our performance valves even though they are larger
• Valve heights set the same


• Intake ports & exhaust ports are CNC ported
• Bowls are opened up and CNC ported
• Exhaust ports are 35.8mm (1.41") tall and 26mm (1.02") wide


• Heavy duty valve springs installed to match camshaft profile, Max .550 lift
• Valve seats opened for larger valves
• Valve guides cut down to accept larger lift cams and valve seals reinstalled
• Push rod holes opened to accept large lift camshafts
• Come with Cometic exhaust manifold gaskets matched to enlarged ports



 Developed by V8 Developments and flow tested by Lloyd Development Specialists