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Allows 3-5 weeks assembly time for short blocks, 9-12 weeks for full builds

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TWS Motors has been building and modifying Rover V8's for over 30+ years. With expansive knowledge on staff, dyno proven results and real world testing, you can be assured you're getting the best Rover V8 build in the world. 

From the 3.5 through 5.0's TWS Motors offers turn key motors for your Rover V8 powered vehicle. All of our motors are top hat lined, 10:1 compression, TWS Performance Heads, TWS Performance Cam Kit, and fueling/ignition kits that suit your application.


TWS can deliver your motor ready to run, dyno tested, fully assembled, and ready to drop into your vehicle with confidence. 


Call 1-508-880-5448 (option 2) or submit a build quote via this form for pricing/quote info


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    Fantastic Defender engine to improve performance while staying “stock”

    Posted by Brent Fulgham on 14th Dec 2022

    Everyone seems to be dropping LS3’s into Defenders these days. I understand the wish for great highway performance, but it comes at the cost of vehicle authenticity. And the LS3’s signature exhaust pop really seems off brand for a vehicle meant for climbing through the countryside. The 4.6 L TWS build has been a fantastic alternative that retains the original look and trim of the venerable Rover V8 while providing an enjoyable level of performance. This engine sits at the Goldilocks point for a Defender 90. The LS3 is a beast of an engine, and can trigger a massive ripple effect in required upgrades to avoid damaging the drive train. This TWS 4.6 engine gives you the great low end torque to get you in motion, and the power to keep up with freeway traffic. For the first time in my life I’m able to coast at 70 mph, and then slightly press the pedal to pass someone on the freeway. Previously I had to stand on the accelerator to reach 65 mph going downhill. If you are looking to reporter an aging Rover, I strongly encourage you to stay stock and go with the TWS engine. I am so glad I did.