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Our all inclusive kit comes with everything you need to complete your four barrel kit. Fits TR8, Land Rover V8, MGB V8, 3.5-4.6.

Kit is fully complete for installation. Plug and Play!

How to guide here - Technical Install Guide

  • A 600cfm or 390cfm carburetor that we pre-jet and setup the throttle linkage on. We can offer off-road carburetors for Land Rover applications.
  • TWS Edelbrock performer intakes modified to work with our cars.
  • All the gaskets, fuel & air filter, linkage kit, stainless bolt kit, 160* thermostat and custom bleed nipple. 
  • Comes with throttle cable.
  • We recommend running a 123Ignition Distributor tuned by TWS for optimal performance.

Not only does this setup dramatically increase your drive ability, you can expect to see performance gains of up to 40 hp. With a set of headers and a matched cam you would be closer to 70hp gained over stock.

If you are going from a Fuel Injected car you will want to also purchase the Inline Electric Fuel Pump we sell. Please give us a call to go through some other things that will need to be done for your conversion.

You also have your option of having the intake coated with a high temp silver coating. Helps reduce heat and keeps everything looking nice.


Coated vs. Un Coated



                  Go From this                        To this nice cleaned up engine bay

stock.jpeg    modified.jpeg


  • 5

    Posted by M Crandall on 5th Nov 2022

    Fantastic kit for my Defender 3.5 V8. Fit like a glove and started right up. The performance was fantastic! This made the engine come alive!

  • 5
    4 barrel conversion

    Posted by Randy Scott on 8th Jul 2022

    Had a totally stock TR8 that I was satisfied with performance. But not with hot starts. Used the 4barrel conversion, no more hot start issues, much better performance, not sure if it is torque or hp but has a lot more. Best upgrade I have ever done.

  • 5
    What a difference!

    Posted by Nick on 29th Aug 2018

    I was having problems with my fuel injectors failing and causing flooding and hard starting problems, especially when warm. Instead of replacing all the injectors, I decided on the 4 barrel kit. The FI conversion needs you to do a bit of thinking on how to plumb the lower pressure inline electric fuel pump (I installed mine in the engine bay) but once I had the system primed, it started right up. I was amazed at how good the settings on the carb were from The Wedge Shop on the Holley carb. Just tweaked the choke and idle speed settings. The car runs so sweet compared to the FI setup. Got some great advice from Woody on the fan set up. I would not hesitate to recommend this kit!

  • 4
    Four Barrel Conversion

    Posted by John on 4th Apr 2017

    For some reason the electric choke fast idle setting was okay when received then stopped working. Had trouble getting the adjustment corrected. Otherwise no problems.

  • 5
    Amazing kit! Never disappointed.

    Posted by Dave Hansen on 8th Apr 2016

    I'm not the mechanic who installed this (thanks Keith) but the result is awesome. Seems like a completely different car. I can't thank you enough.

  • 5
    Very complete kit!

    Posted by Darrell on 18th Sep 2014

    I installed this on my 81 FI TR8. Takes a little bit of thought to convert over from FI, especially if you want to make sure to be able to convert back someday. I was pleasantly surprised at how complete the kit was, even had the required hoses and cap for the coolant bypass. The carb setup seems spot-on, and it really wakes the engine up.

  • 5
    I needed to do this years ago.

    Posted by Craig on 14th Jun 2011

    If you are still running those POS Zeniths, you need to undo all the crappy plumbing, unbolt the manifold, host the manifold plus Zenith carbs in your right hand and throw it as far as you can! What a difference. Thanks Woody!

  • 5
    Easy Peasy

    Posted by Philman on 9th Jun 2011

    You could do this mod in an afternoon if you didn't need for the gasket sealant to cure. Don't forget to purchase the heater fitting for the rear of the manifold. Mine started right up first try after I finished.

  • 5
    Another Satisfied Customer

    Posted by Ed Shelby on 15th Apr 2011

    Woody,I just wanted to let you know I am 100% satisfied with my Carb/Intake kit.Worked through a few issues with hooking up the fans (actually only one was working but now both work on low and high speed), dist vacuum line config, throttle cable and breather setup for the Rover valve covers. Combined with headers my TR8 is like a completely different car now. It starts much easier, accelerates better and overall just runs great now. Trying to keep those 30 year old plus ZS carbs running was a lost cause. My brother is big Muscle Car guy (70 Boss 302, 01 Mustang Bullitt, 93 Mustang Cobra, 68 1/2 428 CJ Mustang, 68 Bullitt Mustang, etc) so now I have someone to help me with Holley carb should I ever have any problems. He wouldn't look at those ZS carbs.