TWS Performance 4CU+ Standalone ECU

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This is a complete plug and play replacement for your factory equipped 4CU vehicle (see fitment table below). This brings your antique ECU into the modern age and gives you full control over your fueling table, while allowing you to easily troubleshoot any of your factory sensors (TPS, Idle Control Valve, Temp Sensor, Mass Air Flow Sensor).

  • The ECU is self learning via a wideband o2 sensor, and will adapt itself to your engines modifications and driving style 
  • The setup comes in a factory 4CU casing and requires no modifications to your existing wiring
  • All ECU's come with a base map and 1 hour of remote tuning to dial everything in properly
  • A wideband o2 bung will need to be welded into 1 band of your exhaust prior to any catalytic converters. 
  • ECU uses TunerStudio and Megalog Viewer as its interface
  • If you want to keep your stock ECU, please choose "no core"
  • Quick Start guide is here


Kit includes:

  • 4CU+ standalone software in original 4CU case
  • Bosch wideband o2 sensor and wiring harness (plugs directly into 4CU+)
  • New Bosch mass air flow meter (MAF), direct replacement for the OEM


  • 1980-82 Triumph TR8 Fuel Injected Cars
  • 4CU Equipped Range Rover Classic
  • 4CU Equipped TVR
  • 4CU Equipped SD1