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Custom designed setup by TWS Motors, this kit stops on average 27 feet sooner in a 50-0 mph braking test compared to stock TR8 front brakes. See the video below.


Kit Includes:

  • 4-pot Forged Aluminum calipers
  • 10 1/8 Rotor w/ 1 inch vented 
  • EBC or Hawk brake pads

Things to note:

  • This kit does require minimum of 14 in rims. No modification is required to install this kit. 
  • Check the other kits, no one offers aluminum calipers or the ability to buy pads here in the US

Replacements parts:


Add our GM rear disc brake kit for extra stopping power. Buy it here



  • 5
    Wilwood front brake kit

    Posted by Michael Keeter on 4th Jul 2023

    The new brakes provide a noticeable improvement to the Triumph 's stopping ability. Pretty straight forward installation for knowledgeable owner. You will need to have a good tube bender and some skill to install the hard line to the calipers.

  • 5
    Wilwood big brake kit

    Posted by Darryl Zeman on 23rd Oct 2022

    Fit well and ease of installation, also allows for multiple of rim sizes due to the diameter of the rotors

  • 5
    big improvement

    Posted by Thomas Knüpfer on 22nd Oct 2019

    This kit really makes a difference to the awful standard brakes. brake performance increases massively. Too bad the big booster isn't available any more, together I think it would be perfect. Definitely worth its money and thanks to the very helpful guys from the wedge shop. Thomas

  • 5
    Amazing stopping time

    Posted by David Hansen on 30th Apr 2016

    I just finished the Wilwood brake installation with only a minor hiccup caused by a previously bent dust shield. Fist side took about 3 hours over two days, the second side took 45-50 minutes. I wish I would have known what I was doing on the first side! Two important things to note: 1) Amazing brake kit. 2) Amazing support from Woody and Clint. There's no place like The Wedge Shop. Thank you! p.s. Car stops fast too.

  • 5
    best support ever

    Posted by Chris Lindberg on 8th Mar 2014

    Hi Woody and Clint. We live overseas and will not install the big brake kit until June. What we can say so far though is that your customer support and timeliness are the best ever. Rarely do we get support for an order this quickly or with personal attention. Thanks heaps! Chris and Julie

  • 5
    This will be the best $$$ you have spent on your Wedge

    Posted by TR Racer on 28th Aug 2012

    I can't compare how this kit works compared to stock, my car had another brake kit installed when I got it. But I am astounded at how the car stops now! Woody's kit installed very easy, and works perfectly out of the box. The custom mounting bracket supplied with the kit fits right, and aligns the Wilwood calper perfectly. A pair of tin snips and a file trimmed and cleaned up the dust shield in 5 minutes per side without taking the dust shield off the car. You need to put two 90 degree bends in the supplied section of brake pipe, I didn't bother with a tubing bender and it came out perfect. Very easy to bleed as the calipers have a bleeder at the top of both caliper halves, I got a solid pedal with no effort. With a stock master cylinder, the pedal height is good. But the fact that this brake kit is a cinch to install is not the reason to buy it. The reason to go for this kit is your car will stop like it always was supposed to. Very linear feel, very confidence inspiring. Finally I have brakes that are up to the potential of my car.

  • 5
    What a difference!

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Aug 2011

    Recently installed the Wedge Shop front brake system on my TR8. It was about as easy as installing the original calipers/rotors. The only real installation difference was that you have to bend the new brake line. But that is fairly easy if you have a tube bender. Also there are four bleed nipples per caliper, but you only bleed the top ones. The pads were also easier to install with the new brakes. The new rotor weigh about 1/2 a pound less than the original ones. But they are 1/2" larger in diameter and vented instead of solid. The new calipers weigh only 5 pounds each which is less than half of what the cast iron calipers weigh. The new calipers have two small pistons that are closer to the edge than the original single piston. My estimate is that the new calipers would have about 20% more stopping torque based on the piston arrangement. The brake pedal feels firmer with the new brakes. But some of that may be due to bleeding as part of the installation. The stopping power with the new brakes is noticeably stronger. Feels similar to late model car's brakes."

  • 5
    Don't waste your time or energy looking elsewhere for big brakes--they are here

    Posted by Daniel Perkins on 12th May 2011

    Folks--I ordered a set of the wilwood front brake kit for my TR8. Why?--After all the engine mods and suspension work to this car--it was too fast for factory brakes. At panic stops--was a scary proposition. Yes--the car would stop but not like a modern car. Installing this kit is not difficult but would recommend steel braided brake hoses with this kit and new wheel bearings--you will probably need them. I have only driven this car around the block to seat the pads in and can tell a difference already. Another item here--you may have to trim or remove the original dust shields on the car to work with the four piston calipers. Bending the lines(included in the kit ) is not difficult just take your time. You will need at least 14" wheels for this kit to work. There is another kit on Ebay for about the same price--the kit will not work without a bunch of modifications--16" wheels required and major work on clearence issues--don't waste your time--this kit is well thought out for a TR7 or TR8--thanks