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Convert your open differential stock rear end to a QUAIFE ATB Helical LSD. This is a must if you're adding horsepower to your Triumph TR8 or TR7. We've seen 60ft times in drag racing drop 3-4 tenths (which is huge!!) when switching to a Quaife! 


Fits all TR7 & TR8 5 spd Rear Ends


As a direct replacement for the standard, factory-fitted 'open' differential, QUAIFE's differential can transform the performance of any vehicle. Unlike a conventional plate-type limited slip unit, QUAIFE's ATB Helical LSD unit relies on gears rather than clutch plates for its operation.

That means the Quaife differential is much smoother in operation because, unlike a conventional plate-type LSD, the Quaife differential never locks harshly with a set pre-load of wheel slip across the driven axle. Rather, the Quaife differential automatically biases the torque away from the spinning wheel across the axle, to a constantly varying degree.

Reliability is total, making the QUAIFE differential a true "fit and forget" solution. All Quaife differentials are designed using the latest CAD techniques and CNC machined to ultra-tight tolerances from high quality Corus steel billets. The completed Quaife differential is then subjected to rigorous in-house inspection with 3D coordinate measuring machines before being dispatched to the customer.

Such quality means that, unlike a conventional plate-type LSD, the QUAIFE differential requires no special maintenance or rebuilds, is long-lasting, and retains the standard method of lubrication, making for an easy, pain-free upgrade.

Proven in rallying, racing and on the road, the QUAIFE differential offers safe, reliable, winning performance - everything you would expect from a QUAIFE product.


The Quaife ATB Differential comes with something else other's don't have: A Limited Lifetime Warranty. This warranty applies even when raced!


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    Quaife LSD

    Posted by Eric Rebiere on 20th May 2022

    I have not had the Quaife LSD installed but it really looks and feels well built and has a very good reputation

  • 5
    Couldn't be happier with Quaife

    Posted by Dave Hansen on 15th Jun 2016

    I've been wanting to add a limited slip differential to my TR8 for years. After I made some power mods, it became more apparent the need for this. The Quaife is hands down the best diff I could hope to buy and I couldn't be happier. Soon after installation, I went to a show where the cars had to go uphill on a sandy surface - with 200+ HP, it would have been impossible to get uphill with the stock open diff.