Kastner Cup 2015: Summit Point Raceway - Triumph DVD

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We're at Summit Point Raceway in Virginia where Triumph's US Competitons Manager, Kas Kastner, introduces this exciting look at the 2015 all-Triumph race meeting that is the 2015 Kastner Cup.

The best Triumph race cars from across North America are here to contest the most sought after of all trophies amongst Triumph racers. The winner is selected by Mr. Kastner himself and it is not necessarily the winner of the race who wins the cup - a whole raft of other criteria come into play before the award is announced.

We get a unique view of the biggest annual Triumph race in the world as we meet the racers, look at the cars and see the racing up close and personal. Covered with a multitude of cameras, no action is missed as we shoot from both inside the cockpit and track side.

Also on show is the newly created Macau Racer tribute car - near identical to the car Kastner raced in the 1960s other than being left hand drive. And also, the fastest road going Triumph in the world today in the form of the stunning Group 44 IMSA GTO bodied Lanocha TR8.

With input from top Triumph racers from the 1960s, 70s and 80s - Jerry Barker, Dick Stockton, Robert Johns and Ken Slagle - this is a production no self-respecting vintage racing or Triumph enthusiast should be without.