Fully Programmable Engine Management Kit – Pre-Serpentine Rover V8

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This is the complete kit to convert your Pre-Serpentine Rover V8 engine to a fully mappable fueling and distributor-less (DIS) engine management system.

Whether it is a TVR or a Land-Rover, this kit includes everything you need for the conversion. The engine management controls both fueling and ignition and comes pre-loaded with a base map to get your vehicle up and running straight after installation. Ideal for Rover V8 engines with LPG, bio-fuel, nitrous, turbochargers and superchargers.


  • Canems Engine Control Unit (ECU) – IP67 water-proof, complete with base map;
  • Canems Injection Manual; and Install Guide
  • Complete custom Rover V8 Engine Wiring Loom with ECU Multi-Plug – complete 3.2m loom with all required OEM grade weather-proof connectors fitted. All connectors and un-terminated cables are individually labelled for straight-forward installation. Individual fused main relay. OEM protective outer sheathing;
  • 1-Bar MAP Sensor;
  • Bosch 2-wire PWM Idle Valve – replaces OEM Idle Valve;
  • Silicon Reducer Hoses – for Idle Valve;
  • Stepper Motor Housing Blanking Plug;
  • Silicon Vacuum Hose;
  • 4mm T-Piece;
  • Ignition Coil Packs;
  • Rover V8 Coil Pack Bracket (GEMS-type or custom Power-steering Bracket type);
  • 8x Custom 8mm HT Leads;
  • 8x NGK Spark Plugs (BPR6ES, BPR7ES or BPR8ES – please specify when ordering);
  • 36-1 Trigger Wheel (4 or 6 bolt pulley mounted – please specify when ordering);
  • VR Crank Sensor;
  • Crank Sensor Bracket;
  • Air Temperature Sensor;
  • USB Programming Cable;
  • RS232 Programming Cable;
  • Software CD;
  • Kit installation manual;
  • 1 Year Parts Guarantee.


  • Full technical support available via telephone and e-mail;
  • Ability to alter timing and fuel maps for any future modifications;
  • Increased performance – throughout the rev range;
  • Greatly increased part throttle economy;
  • Greatly improved drive-ability – better throttle response, smoother running, etc;
  • Improved reliability – inc. waterproof ignition capability;
  • Dual fuel / dual map capability;
  • Boost control for turbo-charged applications;
  • Increased MPG performance.


  • Semi-Sequential Fuel Injection Control for 8 Cylinders;
  • Wasted Spark Ignition for 8 Cylinders;
  • 2 Wide-band or Narrow-band Lambda Inputs – with Closed Loop Control and 3D Target Air-Fuel Ratio map;
  • Two Switchable 3D Fuel Injection Maps with 252 programmable sites;
  • Two Switchable 3D Ignition Timing Maps with 252 programmable sites;
  • Built-in Coil Control (no external modules required – e.g.: EDIS);
  • 3D Injection Timing Map with 252 programmable sites;
  • 12000rpm capability;
  • Programmable Hard and Soft Rev Limiters;
  • Programmable Shift Light output;
  • Programmable Correction Maps for Coolant Temperature, Air Temperature and Cranking;
  • Programmable Transient Enrichments;
  • Staged Injector Control;
  • 3D PWM Output – with 252 programmable sites – ideal for open-loop Boost Control;
  • PWM valve and/or Spark Scatter Idle control;
  • Closed Loop Idle control;
  • All settings Real-Time Programmable;
  • Adjustable Coil Dwell Control;
  • MAP or TPS based Load Sensors can be utilized;
  • RPM input from either VR or Hall Effect Sensor with 36-1 or 60-2 toothed wheel – please state when ordering;
  • Data-logging of up to 24 optional parameters, with adjustable recording rate;
  • Diagnostic Recording of Max. / Min. Inputs and Outputs;
  • IP67 Waterproof ECU – ideal for off-roading.

Optional features:

  • Read outs in US syntax (i.e. Fahrenheit, PSI)
  • Launch control

If you plan on running your distributor timing cover, you will need a dummy distributor or to modify your old distributor, as it is needed to drive the oil pump. Order Dummy Distributor here