Bullet Reloaded - The Triumph TR7 & TR8 in Detail - Triumph DVD

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The original 2007 CODE NAME: BULLET DVD continues to be very successul. More than any other release, enthusiasts for the TR7 and TR8 range of cars have been demanding we follow it up. In particular more was wanted about the cars in America: specifically the racing programme where the cars enjoyed much success. Most famous in this area are the Group 44 Inc. racing wedges and so Bob Tullius is on hand to give us the inside story and talks us through the start of the TR7 programme all the way through the stunning TR8 IMSA GTO cars with which he had "more fun than anything else". Paul Brand, Group 44 Inc. PR Manager was there just as the TR7 was about to be launched and he talks us through the early days when the team collected one of the first pre-production shells and turned it into a race car.

Ken Slagle was another very famous TR7 and TR8 factory supported racer and after years of struggling with the original TR7 and then the TR8 coupe he ultimately took Triumph's iconic wedge back to the top when he won the C Production national championship in his stunning TR8 Roadster in 1981. Ken gives us the low down on those halcyon days before we reunite him with his championship winning car at the collection of Triumph collector Vernon Brannon.

More former Triumph personnel appear in this release than any previous documentary; engineers, stylists, designers, racers, rallyists and other 'works' supported personnel are on hand to tell us their side of the story and their own history with Triumph's last of the line sports cars. For the first time ever John Bilton has been interviewed and he is able to give us his unique insight into the TR7 and TR8 programmes from his position as Product Planning Manager. He also tells us categorically why these last mass produced British sports cars were really cancelled - facts certain to enlighten motoring journalists all over the world.

Tony Lee - Triumph Chief Development Engineer
Ray Bates - Triumph Technical Engineer
Gordon Birtwistle - Triumph High Speed Development Engineer
Harris Mann - TR7 Stylist and Head of Styling, Austin Morris
John Bilton - British Leyland Product Planning Manager
Bob Tullius - Group 44 Inc. Team Manager and Race Driver
Paul Brand - Group 44 Inc. Public Relations Manager
Ted Schumacher - Triumph Racer and Triumph Specialist TSI Imported
Ken Slagle - Triumph USA Supported Racer
Mike Cook - Triumph USA Advertising and PR Manager
Graham Robson - Triumph Historian and ex-Triumph Competitions Secretary
Kas Kastner - Former Triumph USA Competitions Manager
John Ashford - Triumph Styling Studio
Richard Hunt - Triumph Styling Studio
Dave Keepax - Triumph Styling Studio
Ron Jesson - Triumph Emissions & Detox Controller (Speke No.2 Plant)
Norman Rose - Triumph Body Engineering Executive
Brian Culcheth - Triumph 'Works' Rally Driver
Bill Price - Triumph Competitions Manager and Deputy Comps. Manager
Den Green - Triumph Competitions Dept.
Brian Moylan - Triumph Competitions Dept.
Bob Whittington - Triumph Competitions Dept.
Gerald Wiffen - Triumph Competitions Dept.
Albert Tingey - Lucas Electrical (TR8 EFI Development)
And on disc 2, Tony Pond - Triumph 'Works' Rally Driver


The main film runs for 84 minutes and disc 2 for well over two hours. The features on disc 2 are:
A World Of Wedges part 1 - Featuring cars and their owners. Joe Renda, Jack Russell, Kevin Dempsey, Bill Warner and many more (see the 'World Of Wedges' sections toward the base of this page).

The Men Behind The Motors - Extra interview sequences with many former Triumph engineers, stylists, racers and rallyists giving an even broader, in-depth insight into the stories behind these cars.

Coys Historic Rallysprint 1998 - The late, great Tony Pond takes to the wheel of his most successful TR7 V8 rally car and is then interviewed at that year's Classic Motor Show by Graham Robson.

A World of Wedges part 2 - More cars and their owners (see below) including Tim Lanocha and the amazing 1000bhp TR8 IMSA GTO replica.