A Celebration of all things..... SEVEN

Andrew Poytner
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This book is hardback book written by Andrew Poytner, containing 224 pages printed in full colour on 150grm silk-finish paper. It contains no 'technical' information, but rather is a collection of humorous stories all relating to the Wedge, and Wedge-ownership. As the name suggests – it’s a Celebration of the Seven, and how it has touched people’s lives in a varied number of ways! Some funny, some tragic!

Excerpts from the book

“With the car hunkered down on its suspension, Jack suddenly spotted two workers on the verge at the Apex of the bend. Just what went through his mind at that point isn’t recorded - he knew he dare not touch the brakes for fear of putting the car into a spin.”

“Within milliseconds, the vehicle had gone from a well-behaved TR that brought a smile to the face...”

“It soon became evident that the accident damage was terminal, the distorted rear-end included a twisted chassis and to all intents, irreparable.
As it turned out, the engine was a little bit special as it had been sourced from a Dolomite Sprint.”

“A previous owner had bottled out of buying a nice mohair job and settled instead for something cut from a surplus army tent. Thick, heavy and with
a mind of its own, the roof usually resided in the well behind the seats.”

“There begged a question – what road had a young, fresh Starlet more attuned to posing in front of a camera’s lens followed to become embroiled
in the rough-and tough world of competitive motor sport?”

“Ray headed into the dubious sanctuary of the Gentleman’s toilet where he
took time to use the mirror to inspect the small crop of acne that had only recently broken out across the bridge of his nose.”

“Then, the vendor suddenly appeared with a couple of chainsaws, one in each hand. Scenes from The Chainsaw Massacre fleetingly crossed Steve’s mind before the old guy started to empty the fuel from the saws into a jug...”

“Even the torrential rain storm they encountered on the way home couldn’t quell Ron’s excitement of finally being allowed to drive the car - it was quite a ride and a truly great weekend!“

“Obviously, sitting in a garage for eleven years had caused lots of bits and pieces to perish so various pipes had to be replaced, along with the bushes.
Brakes? What brakes?”

“He has another love, a Triumph TR7, and not just the one! I tried to compete but I was always a sorry second, so I decided - if I can't beat him, I’ll join him, and when the time was right I mentioned that I'd like to buy a TR7 of my own. Che stupida!”

“The passenger’s foot-well was slowly starting to fill with blood....”