Triumph TR2, TR3, TR3b, TR4 - Roller Rockers (1.5:1 Ratio)

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These roller rockers fit onto the your standard rocker shaft without any modifications to the original components.

They have a 1.5 :1 lift ratio that is slightly more aggressive than standard, yet more conservative than others available elsewhere.  You'll still have a smooth Idle, but with extra power when you put your foot down.

What we love best about this product is the overall simplicity.  These roller rockers reuse all of the original Triumph rocker hardware for a lifetime of quiet, trouble free life.  Simply slide them onto the original shaft in place of the old ones.  You reuse your original rocker shaft and tensioners. Valve clearance remains set to standard.

There is a heavy duty bronze bushing in the center that couples with the rocker shaft and a hardened steel roller on the rocker tip.  You can expect an appreciable power gain with far less valve clatter.   Lifetime Warranty against defects!