Trailing Arm Bracket Set Adjustable TR4A to TR6

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Getting the correct camber set up with the rear trailing arm with the factory brackets is a nightmare. With all the combinations of brackets, up down, left right, one notch , three notch etc, there are 36 ways to try to get it right. Wasting two full days at least of your valuable time when you want to be out driving. Waste no more, made by thinking outside of the British design box these new adjustable trailing arm brackets for the Triumph TR4A, TR250 and TR6, it will take all of the time and effort out of adjusting your rear trailing arm. Designed by a Triumph TR6 enthusiast that though there must be a better way of adjusting the rear trailing arms, he made this great and easy to adjust kit. In the kit there are four adjustable brackets that will replace the stock brackets on your car, plus all of the mounting hardware is included too. Not only will you be able to get more driving time by cutting adjustment time but you will get better driving characteristics out of your car and your tires with thank you for an even wear pattern. Or a set of there adjustable trailing arm brackets for your Triumph TR4A IRS, Triumph TR250 and Triumph TR6. Cross Reference 852-055, SKU 59 HP252


Fits: Triumph TR4A IRS, Triumph TR250, Triumph TR6